Traffic Procedures

Traffic Procedures for School Drop off and Pick Up


Please note that in order to facilitate compliance with traffic procedures due to the fact that Newtown Barracks(now named New Access Street) is a public one way street with limited parking during school hours, the City Council/Traffic Department will have Traffic Officers monitoring during drop off and pick-up times. Please read and familiarize yourselves with the procedures. Please note that failure to comply may warrant a ticket being forwarded to you by traffic officers.

Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the parent to inform any person responsible for picking up or dropping off your child of the school’s procedures.

  • Newtown Barracks is a public street therefore; we should not block or delay the flow of traffic.
  • If you need to escort your child to his/her classroom, you must park your vehicle
  • Please be advised that the parking space in front of the gate is short term and you may remain there for no more that 2 minutes to drop off or pick up children only.
  • Hummingbird has a school warden and a security officer who are responsible for monitoring the security of the school compound, assisting students during drop off and pick up and ensuring the smooth flow of traffic. Please cooperate with these individuals directives.
  • The school warden and security officer are not responsible for knowing your child’s dismissal schedules.
  • If you arrive before dismissal time you will need to secure a parking space (you may not park in the middle of the street and obstruct traffic while waiting for your child to be dismissed)
  • If your child is delayed in the classroom you will need to park your car and wait for your child or come in and get your child.
  • Please inform the office in time if you make alternate arrangements for your child to be picked up. Your child will not be allowed to leave with an unauthorized Person.
  • Please inform your child that he/she may only go home with persons who you have authorized only.
  • Please be mindful of parking in front of our neighbors’ gate.

Children should reach the designated age for each class by 31st of August of the current school year to be eligible for enrollment for given class

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